Sustaining Training Success in a New Normal (Article Review)

In this article, we see from Ohio-based Radcom the question – how prepared is your company to thrive in an evolving world of work?

The article notes that what it means to go to work has changed during the global health crises. With our “new normal” today, companies cannot rely on training with in-person events and customer visits.

Will things go back to “normal” after the pandemic is over. Only time will tell, but the Radcom article provides the following idea.

“Some companies will realize they can work effectively with less staff, whether they want to or not, and that will affect careers and organizational structures in some places. Others may choose to keep staffing at pre-pandemic levels but adjust what the reality of work looks like for employees, embracing more virtual engagements and additional remote work. This could be for health-related reasons or simply because it makes financial sense, allowing for a reduction in real-estate costs if employees work from home or off-site coworking spaces.”

The article addresses the issues of how best to approach training and consider that the days of “in-person-only engagement may be behind you.” Distance learning solutions can be the future. Sustainable virtual training is an approach to consider. You need to think about the technological framework you have as a starting point. Some training may be easier to make virtual. This can mean HR or regulatory training is easier and hand-on product training is harder. It may be time to set up effective videos and online training materials after you figure out what topics you need to cover.

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Reviewed by Jeanette Evans