Reflecting on the Past STC Year

It’s hard to believe that a year ago, we were embarking on a new STC year, looking forward to all the in-person meetings, networking events, and all the possibilities that the year held.

Did everything go as planned? Of course not. Did we still have a great year? Of course we did.

As I look back on what we accomplished, I am grateful to all our volunteers who made our activities and achievements possible.

In the last year, we:

  • Learned how to use tech pubs in augmented reality
  • Enjoyed numerous networking lunches
  • Enhanced our creativity
  • Celebrated the holidays in December
  • Learned how Harry Potter can help us enhance our instructional design
  • Learned how to develop data analytics programs
  • Held a fun game night
  • Connected through virtual meetups, and
  • Changed our chapter name to Ohio STC, to welcome all our members throughout the state!

What did I gain from this experience? New insights into technologies that I didn’t know were possible, new ideas to expand my creativity, and best of all, new friends through our volunteers.

Thank you to all our members for your continued support, and extra thanks to all our fantastic volunteers who keep things fun!

By Tricia Spayer