President’s Column: Embarking on a new year

It is my honor and privilege to step into the President role (again) for NEO STC. I say again, because I took this role in the 2007-2008 year, when I was really scared and green. This time around, I feel better prepared and more confident, but still take the challenges seriously.

Let’s take a moment to thank Bob Young for all his hard work in rallying the team to a successful year (2018-2019)! Bob, we appreciate your commitment and dedication to this chapter and thank you for your continued support.

To see more photos from the STC Summit in Denver (and the Member Appreciation Picnic) check out these photos.

You may hear me use nautical terms throughout these columns. It’s in my blood. Both my parents were in the U.S. Navy. I was not. But I do love cruising.

So what’s on deck for the upcoming year? Many more exciting events! We’re kicking off September with a fantastic meeting, where you can learn how to use existing tech pubs in Augmented Reality. Even if you don’t have immediate plans for this technology, it’s always exciting to learn new tools and technology. Use your STC membership to its full advantage, and stay ahead of the curve! Attend in-person or virtually. If you register as a virtual attendee, you can view the recording at your convenience. Register now

Did you know your NEO STC membership has member-exclusive benefits?

  • Our Slack group is our discussion list, where you can network with other professionals, ask questions, and gain first-hand knowledge of chapter activities. You can send direct messages to any of our members, without needing their email addresses. (no selling)
  • Job postings from all throughout Ohio are posted in Slack
  • We have recorded programs and will be inviting chapter members to view them

Slack Information

STC’s membership renewal is now available (memberships expire December 31). I strongly encourage you to renew today, while you are thinking about it. And be sure to add Northeast Ohio as your chapter. Yes, it’s an additional $25, but the membership benefits are priceless! Renew today

It’s not too late to volunteer to help our chapter set its course while building your own skills and padding your resume. We have one-time and ongoing opportunities such as:

  • Membership manager, who downloads the roster, and welcomes new members aboard
  • Programs assistant: one-time opportunities available to help bring in food for a meeting, or help gather speaker information

See this page for more information: volunteer-opportunities

On Thursday, August 28, the NEO STC Board held its annual summer meeting, where we discussed plans and ideas for the upcoming year. As we solidify our plans, we’ll post them in Slack, as well as our web site.

I hope you are as excited as I am to set sail this new year, to explore and discover. Welcome aboard!

Have an idea for the chapter? Feedback? I’d love to hear from you!

By Tricia Spayer