Leveraging Existing Technical Publication Content in an AR World

Representatives from EAC Product Development Solutions presented on how to take advantage of technological advances in Augmented Reality (AR) and head-mounted displays during the NEO STC meeting on Thursday, September 12. They showed us how you can marry classical technical publications with these new technologies. Two main approaches are either 2D or 3D:

  • The 2D approach involves a system that automatically pulls content from a repository and formats it on the fly for a head-mounted display. It requires minimal labor to make legacy content available in a hands-free, voice-driven system.
  • The 3D approach involves Creo Illustrate to create life-like, 3D animations to demonstrate service or maintenance procedures via Augmented Reality. Their solution syncs text elements of existing technical content with animation sequences to guide technicians through complex tasks.

After the presentation, we had the opportunity to try out the technology. It’s really encouraging to see how technical content can evolve in the future.

Reviewed by Lisa Adair