In the Spotlight: Kelly Schrank

Kelly Schrank

Kelly Schrank, the current President for the Rochester chapter and a Co-Manager of the Technical Editing SIG, stays busy but generously took the time to answer several of my questions!

Kelly has been an STC member for 10 years and earned the honorary rank of Associate Fellow. In her time as an STC member, she has served as a Council member in three different chapters and been a member of most of the SIGs at one time or another. Though, she shares that her (current) favorite SIGs are the Technical Editing and Instructional Design and Learning. Kelly has also spoken at chapter events and the national and regional conference (Summit, Spectrum, Conduit, and Interchange) and given webinars for STC and the LoneStar chapter.

When asked about her career, Kelly shares that she finished her master’s degree in Technical Communication in 2013, became a certified Editor in the Life Sciences the same year, co-chaired the Spectrum conference (2015-2016 and 2016-2017), and started a freelance business in 2019.

Outside of work, Kelly is a pretty good roller skater and used to play roller derby. She continues, “I still follow the sport, attending local games for a couple of leagues during the season.”

By Kelly Schrank and Sara Buchanan