Earn It (Book Review)

Earn It by Jill Young is for anyone that has asked their boss for a raise and been shot down. Jill Young shows employees how to show their value to their company. She walks you through a step by step guide that leads you to an action plan for getting the pay you deserve. Not only do you get clarity on the value you are bringing to your organization, but you have the back up to prove it to your boss and get their help in getting you where you want to go.

Young starts you out with working on your mindset. This includes your relationship and feelings about money, happiness, and meaningful work. She explains why the usual tactics in asking for a raise do not work and explains a little about how business finances work.

Next she talks about your Boss’s mindset and the tactics you can do to help ease their burden, as well as influence a positive perception of you. She proposes that many boss’s divide employees into four types, depending on how they fit with the company’s core values and how well the perform. People that perform well and exhibit the core values produce the most value in the company and are worth paying more. People that help those that have the values but aren’t quite there with performance have even more value.

The rest of the book is a set of tools and questions for you to work through that will help you identify the places where you can add more value to your company. After working through the tools, she suggests that you schedule a T.A.L.K with your boss to discuss your thoughts. She provides a nice framework for that conversation and the follow up conversations you need to have with your boss throughout the process.

If you follow the advice in this book, you will be on the way to making more money. If your boss doesn’t respond, then if nothing else, you’ve already got the outcomes-based material you need for your resume!

Reviewed by Angie Dianettii