Write a Great Press Release

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 6.25.25 AMWhen I googled write a great press release I saw as the top result an article from Huffington Post with tips including writing an attention grabbing headline, getting to the point, adding a quote, stating hard numbers, and providing contact information. See http://www.huffingtonpost.com/zach-cutler/press-release-tips_b_2120630.html for the full list of tips.

Here is a sample of a press release using the tips noted.


Alex Evans

McCat Corporation

1 440 565 7067



McCat Corporation Celebrates Their Twentieth Year As Best Place to Work

New York, NY:  Today, McCat Corporation announced they have for the 20th year in a  received the Best Place to Work award from the Evans Foundation.

Of the company’s award, McCat Corporation CEO Alex Evans said, “Winning this award makes me feel purrfect.”

To achieve this award, McCat Corporation notes that according to a recent survey 100% of cat owners using McCat Corporation products were satisfied and 100% of employees like working at McCat.

About McCat Corporation:  McCat Corporation is a supplier of products for cats. McCat Corporation is located in New York city. McCat Corporation sold over 10 billion products in 2015.


By Jeanette Evans