World Usability Day 2015 #WUDCLE15

The tenth annual World Usability Day (WUD) was celebrated globally on November 12, 2015. The global theme was Innovation. More than 90 events dedicated to usability were held in 31 countries.

Cleveland UXPA hosted a local event at the new Stillwater Place facility at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The keynote speaker was the founder and director of WUD, Elizabeth Rosenzweig.

Friends and members of NEO STC in attendance included Carrie Cianciola, Denise Kadilak, Joann Michelle, Kristen Jackson, and Myron Shawala.

The day featured five educational sessions.

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Let’s Get Real: Creating Tangible Experiences

Marli Mesivov | Director of Content Strategy at Mad*Pow |

Content strategist and writer Marli Mesivov kicked off the first session of the day. Marli addressed the challenges of some UX professionals, such as content strategists, who do not create tangible deliverables, but rather create experiences. She challenged the audience to think about how to measure success in a tangible way: If we don’t measure our success, we risk missing the mark and not helping our audience.

Eye Tracking in Practice: Real-world Stories from a UX Researcher

Andrew Schall |

Eye tracking guru Andrew Schall presented an overview of how eye tracking technology can provide concrete proof of the user experience. Some of the data types acquired by eye tracking include fixation mapping on web sites, sequential patterns, and length of gaze.

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For technical communicators, this technology can tell us what content our users look at and engage with. Andrew shared several real-world examples of the power of eye tracking.

He concluded his talk by cautioning that data analysis can be complex, and eye tracking is just one piece of an integrated puzzle that must take into account nonverbal feedback, verbal feedback, and direct observations.


Eye Tracking in User Experience Design

by Jennifer Romano Bergstrom and Andrew Schall

How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in UX

Cathy Zapata | Chief Experience Officer at Precision Dialogue

Cathy presented a brief talk based on her personal experiences in convincing a business to invest in UX. She provided six steps as a guidelines:
1. Obtain actual user video, quotes, and scores.
2. Obtain ROI status by using the System Usability Scale (SUS).
3. Make the data visible.
4. Get investors to directly observe.
5. Build case studies.
6. Build a business case.

The UX Landscape

Paul Sherman, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor, Kent State University School of Library and Information Science

Professor Sherman briefly talked about the challenges facing UX in organizations based on his personal experiences as a consultant. He argued that organizational alignment is a key factor in supporting UX projects.
The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen
Good to Great by Jim Collins

Successful UX Workshop

Elizabeth Rosenzweig | Founder and Director of WUD, Principal Consultant at the User Experience Center and Adjunct Faculty at Bentley University

Keynote speaker Elizabeth Rosenzweig lectured and led a three-hour, engaging workshop on user experience. Elizabeth divided attendees into groups to work through the following exercises:

Exercise 1: UX Design Thinking
1. Find a problem.
2. Examine the needs of humans.
3. Put humans at the center.

Exercise 2: Goals and Strategic Models
Building upon the first exercise, Elizabeth asked attendees to create user personas and map project goals against the needs of each persona.

Exercise 3: Getting Buy-in
In the final exercise, Elizabeth asked for two volunteers to role play two contrasting negotiation techniques:
• Yes, but…
• Yes, and… (preferred UX design thinking)
After comparing the differences in each technique, attendees practiced getting buy-in for the projects they devised in their first exercise.

A networking break in the Rainforest provided the opportunity to talk with friends from NEO STC and UXPA, as well as meet unfamiliar faces.

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By Carrie Chiancola