WordPress for Journalists (Book Review)

WordPress for Journalists surprised me in how in-depth it covers its topics. Provided is not only information about how to complete tasks in WordPress but also how to use this content management system to produce journalism today.

Author LJ Filotrani has an impressive background and is most qualified to tackle her topics. Not only is she an experienced journalist and website editor and creator, she is also a Senior Lecturer in journalism at London South Bank University. She has a valuable perspective as she started her career in journalism working in trade publications and local press then joined the Guardian working completely online. She introduced blogs, podcasts, video, and other multimedia as she worked as a site editor for the Guardian and looked at how best to communicate a story. Her background in audio and video plus the experience of news and features gives her a great background to not only teach but also develop the impressive WordPress for Journalists.

This could be an excellent textbook for students or reference book for practitioners. Students and practitioners could benefit from how the book explains how to set up a free site using WordPress.com (page 12). Students and practitioners could also benefit from the section of the book on setting up a self-hosted site using WordPress.org (page 14). Also of value to students and practitioners are the sections on commercialization. Filotrani notes in the section on commercialization how difficult it is to make a profit with journalism online using the Guardian as an example (page 172).

WordPress for Journalists: From Plugins to Commercialisation, 1st Edition
LJ Filotrani (2018). Routledge. 195 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1138652026. USD$31.08 (softcover).

By Jeanette Evans

Note to readers:  A version of this review is scheduled to appear in Technical Communication, the journal of the STC.