University of Akron’s Technical Report Writing Classes Attend AI Webinar with STC’s Technical Communication Professionals

Associate Professor Kelly Webb Bronstrup’s engineering and engineering technology students are learning the value of how technical communication and engineering fields are intertwined by experiencing out of classroom educational real-world opportunities such as joining in on the Sr. Director, Cloud Support, Google Cloud’s Peter “SCOTCH” Scocimara’s webinar Artificial Intelligence (AI) The Fourth Industrial Revolution on April 11, 2019.

Approximately a dozen students attended the live evening webinar with STC’s area professionals. Webb Bronstrup is known for connecting her Technical Report Writing courses to the industry through service learning, field trips, guest speakers, and other opportunities. The course has partnered with NASA, Wags for Warriors, Rockwell Automation, Hyland Software among others.

STC’s Jason Vensel from DRB Systems will be sharing his real word experiences and expertise by visiting her classes at the end of April.

By Kelly Webb Bronstrup