Trends and Disruptions: Some Thoughts

A look at trends in technology in education and related fields should help us prepare for how these might impact the future of not only education but all learning products that include technical communication deliverables.

The ideas based on this article come from Three Technological Trends That Set the Tone for Higher Education’s Future, which you might find of interest.

Picture 68Trends and disruptions

You hear today about trends and disruptions. Both can relate to technology and change. Distinguishing a trend from a disruption can be hard.

Looking at the acceptance rates and use can help to show if a technology is a disruption or trend that is here to stay.

The move to mobiles may have been a disruption at one time, but now it is a trend that is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

A disruption today and a trend tomorrow

A current disruption – facilitated by changes in technology – is the massively open online course (MOOC). Technology can manage large-scale enrollment now, so time alone will tell if the disruption provided by MOOCs will become a trend. In MOOCs favor of the idea of this becoming a trend is the fact that they can effectively deliver a good learning product.

The next step to think about is business models and new learning management systems. How this will impact us as technical communicators and those working in instructional design is still not known, but we should keep our eye on the disruption, possible trend, and evolution of the related technologies.

By Jeanette Evans and Charles Dull