Training That is Well Worth the “Cost” and Effort

I recently completed a free training course by Adobe called Adobe Train the Trainer: Creative Cloud. This course was 8 weeks in length and was completely online. It is offered through the Adobe Ed Ex group (, sign in with your Adobe ID) to educators and anyone who is interested in learning more about Adobe Creative Cloud products and would be teaching others to use them.creative_cloud

The course is estimated to be 75 contact hours of work over the 8 weeks. Each week a new course module is opened and consists of 5 topics each week:

  • Welcome to the Week
  • Adobe 101
  • Creativity in Education
  • Product Training Activities
  • Professional Development Design.

After completing all 5 you are given an assignment to complete.  After completing your assignment, you are also required to review other students’ assignments and give them constructive feedback where they can improve or if there is no improvement expand on what was good in their assignment.

In addition to the reading, watching videos, and assignments, each week there are discussion prompts that students are asked to respond to and then also review and respond to other student’s comments. I found this fascinating to see the range of careers of students and the range of responses by fellow students to the same prompts.

The focus of the program is creating a training/education plan for any of the Adobe products.  At the end you will have a full educational plan that you can put to use training in your own school or workplace. At the end of the program the facilitators review your project and may have you revise or they may ask for clarification.  I chose a project to develop a training course to teach users how to create fillable forms in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

If you complete the course and your project is approved, you will receive a certificate as an Adobe Education Trainer that is valid for 12 months!  They send you a badge and everything. To keep the certification, you are requested to train 50 people over the 12-month timeframe on adobe-training-badgeany Adobe creative tool.  In addition, you have access to all of the materials from the course and a site full of connections, discussions, workshops and materials to use for training on the Adobe Creative Suite.

Visit the Education Exchange to view more Workshops, Courses, Articles and Discussions and sign in with your Adobe ID or create one.

By Jennifer Loudiana