Technology, Online Education, IoT, and Excellence: Some Thoughts


The Internet of Things (IoT) appears as one of the topics Charles Dull mentions in a recent article on online education, technology, and excellence. Let’s remind ourselves that Dr. Dull gave a presentation in 2015 to NEO STC on emerging technologies in education. He also published (with Jeanette Evans) articles in Intercom that included Trends, Disruptions, and the Future and Emerging Technologies: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going.

In the Using Technology to Drive Excellence in Online Education article, Dull argues that in the IoT age, instead of us just using technology, technology is  how we live. We Google instead of opening books. We shop, buy tickets, and make new friends online. That is not technology we use but how we get things done.

The IoT can also affect how we learn and learning environments. It could cause a decrease in the need for buildings where education takes place. “Excellence will be defined as how seamlessly learning can be delivered to the learner, not in the number of buildings endowed or the number of external sites built. This will change the cost model dramatically and make better use of cloud-based technologies.”

Dull continues to note that we should no longer compare an online class to a face to face class. Instead we should see how education matches the lifestyle and needs of those seeking to learn. My thought is that the future should include both online learning and face to face learning as well as blended learning, and evaluation of the effectiveness or excellence of learning can evolve based on learner outcomes and needs, as Dull argues.

See Dull’s Using Technology to Drive Excellence in Online Learning article here. See the Trends, Disruptions, and the Future article here. See the Where We Have Been and Are Going article here.


By Jeanette Evans