Tapping into the Creative Mind: The Science Behind Generating Ideas

Recently, Jennifer Yaros presented a mini-webinar on Tapping into the Creative Mind: The Science Behind Generating Ideas. Jennifer is the founder and Chief Creativity Officer at BrainSpark, a program that consults with businesses to help them foster creativity and innovation.

In this mini-webinar, Jennifer explains the difference between creativity and art, saying “creativity is about thinking in new ways and generating different ideas.” She illustrates her point by asking the attendees to try different activities, such as writing their name with their non-dominant hand. While difficult, such activities can help engage the parts of the brain responsible for creative thinking.

She goes on to explain the science behind creative thinking and what you can do to improve your creativity and problem-solving skills. Much to my chagrin, her advice included using fewer stimulants (read: coffee) because stimulants such as coffee help you focus by restricting the creative parts of your brain.

Ultimately, Jennifer taught us that creativity is within our grasp! If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, make sure you check out the recording.

By Sara Buchanan