Taking Fun to a New Level at Our Holiday Dinner

Fun and food were a great benefit of our holiday dinner for NEO-STC this year, but the greatest part was being able to visit and catch up with fellow NEO-STC members! The Fox & Hound in Mayfield Heights was the venue, and it was a great place to relax and be loud and just have some fun! For something a little different, and well, funn-e, I decided to record some silly things that were said at the dinner table. Note — I’m excluding names on these quotes to protect the guilty, so see if you might be able to guess who would have said:

“Fishing off the company pier…”holiday monty

“Did Dr. Rak ever give you a physical?”

“Parker is raining men!”

“You can tell it’s me because I have no chin.”

“One guy did, but Queen Latifa did not!”

“This is why Kris and I lost touch…because she is a rebel, and I am not.”

“Is she still gorgeous?”

“I take it like a man!”

“I almost paid for it myself, but my wife was going to cut off some body parts. But…for $100…”NEO STC holiday 1

“I didn’t lick it or anything!”

“It could be a hard-rock candy Christmas.”

“For $50, I’ve got a deal!”

“This candy was criminal.”

“Open or shut, just let it go to its natural position.”

“Murder in the cube farm.”

“She’s looking backwards at the letters, but that might be an advantage!”

“Thanks for nothing ‘snort,’ you put it in every which way but loose!”

And finally…

“Standing outside butt-ass naked!”

OK, so maybe you had to be there…and even if you were there, maybe you had to have a liquid libation to get some of these, but it sure was fun at the time! Hopefully, you can join us next year and add to the list of crazy, mixed up, funn-e quotes! And, by the end of the night, even Monty had to be cut off!


By Lynn NickelsNEO STC holiday 2 NEO STC holiday 3