Start with Accomplishments (Webinar Review)

Therese Longo did a great job with the mini-webinar held May 13 at noon.

The topic covered “Start with Accomplishments: How to make your training and technical writing more performance-based” as the webinar looked at making a shift from what people do to what people produce.

This shift can provide a performance focus that sets your work apart from others as explained in the webinar.

Therese is Vice President of Operations for Radcom, an Ohio-based firm that develops training, technical, and process documentation.

Radcom “helps clients achieve knowledge transfer and performance improvement goals” as explained at their web site.

Therese is an accredited Performance Thinking ® Practitioner and has nearly two decades of experience in instructional design as she explained at the mini-webinar.

She covered the Six Boxes ® Approach that combines elements for a “strategy for improving productivity and profitability” in an organization as explained at the site and shown in this graphic.

See more information about Therese. She holds a Master’s of Education, Instructional Technology degree from Kent State.

Reviewed by Jeanette Evans