Slyman’s Did Not Disappoint

It was the perfect evening for some NEO STC networking. Great company, great conversation, great corned beef. 

That’s the way our NEO STC Facebook page covered our October meeting. And what an evening it was.

Ten out of ten. That is what four people I asked thought of their meal at the legendary Slyman’s during our October meet and greet meeting.

“The name Slyman’s has been a Cleveland staple, a part of our community, respected, and loved by anyone who has ever been there for 50+ years.”  That’s the way Slyman’s explains their heritage on their web site.

Of course, you do not go to an STC meeting just because of the food, and yet … Slyman’s was one location that enticed many to come out to enjoy the evening.

A thanks goes to Julianne Forsythe for suggesting the location. Attendees included members and at least one guest who is not a member, but came for the networking and said he was not disappointed (that was Mark Timm of Steris).

In case you are wondering, in addition to the ten out of ten from four people, two people gave their meal a nine. One person gave their meal a 7.5. That is not bad in my book.  Oh, and my method of asking people about how they liked their meal was not at all scientific. I just asked seven people at random.

By Jeanette Evans