September Program Meeting Follow-up: Tips for Technical Illustration

On September 10th, Tricia Spayer of Pressco Technology kicked off the new program year with an engaging talk about using effective visuals in technical communication. Drawing on her 20 years of experience in technical illustration, Tricia provided guidance in these areas:

  • Making illustrations more usefuleye
  • How to not scream amateur
  • Following ISO standards for icons
  • Drawing from scratch
  • Enhancing imported illustrations and photos
  • Enhancing screen shots

Tricia supported each of her guiding points with excellent visual examples, including before-and-after pictures. In conclusion, she left us with these words of wisdom:

  • Keep it simple
  • Get rid of details that do not matter
  • Use fills and line weights for emphasis
  • Use symbols and drawings that already exist

    Tricia Spayer

Thank you, Tricia, for inspiring us to go beyond expert writing, editing, and organization skills and sharpen our skills in visual communication.

By Carrie Cianciola