Review: The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guidebook

Author Yuwanda Black had in mind an audience of novice freelancers when she wrote The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guidebook : Learn How to Land the Best Jobs, Build Your Brand, and Be Your Own Boss.

Her audience should get valuable information from the book as it covers its subject matter adequately for its intended audience.

Practical issues such as pros and cons of incorporation, legal advice, traditional business plans, retirement, and budgets are some of the topics, as are freelance success stories. How to land your first clients and build a brand are topics Black covers in some depth as you would expect for the audience. Black also notes that freelancing is now a big market and growing.

With a home base in Kingston, Jamaica, Black has been featured in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, Savoy Professional, and WSJ’s Her site at gives readers tips on writing and where to find work. She owns Inkwell Editorial – an online information portal for editorial professionals and site for information on the business of freelance writing.

The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guidebook: Learn How to Land the Best Jobs, Build Your Brand, and Be Your Own Boss Yuwanda Black (2016). Adams Publishing. 222 pages. ISBN-123 USD$29.99 (softcover).]

Note to readers: A version of this review is scheduled to appear in Technical Communication.

Reviewed by Jeanette Evans