Review: FrameMaker – Creating and Publishing Content

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.39.49 PMBeing a bit selfish, I picked this book to review as I don’t have a reference book at home on FrameMaker and thought it would be helpful to have one. This points out that the book has a market as I am part of that market. Plus, while not minding to brush up on FrameMaker by googling and viewing videos, I think it would be good to have a reference book on paper too.

With an impressive scope this book should prove to be the reference I want.

Author and publisher Matt R. Sullivan founded Tech Comm Tools. Matt’s interests include FrameMaker consulting and “helping organizations improve their use of video and interactive media within their documentation, and delivering that content to users via mobile devices.”

Matt offers consulting and training services. You can access free and paid courseware at his site.

Co-author Rick Quattro is recognized as a FrameMaker automation expert. Rick and Matt each has an impressive background to write this book.

New users can be one audience for the book as can be the more experienced user who wants a reference. One area the book addresses concerns newer technologies like Kindle, EPUB, and HTML5, and FrameMaker options for handling multichannel outputs. My interest so far is in more traditional uses for FrameMaker – which the book covers – but it is good to have these newer options covered too.

FrameMaker – Creating and publishing content:  Learn to use, manage, and publish content with Adobe FrameMaker [Paperback] By Matt R. Sullivan (2015). Tech Comm Tools,  622 pages. ISBN-10: 0996715797 ISBN-13: 978-0996715799

By Jeanette Evans

Note to readers: A version of this book review is scheduled to appear in Technical Communication.