Review: Digital Marketing for Dummies

Leverage Google and Facebook to grow your brand. Automate your lead generation. Generate free and organic traffic. Acquire new leads and customers. Buy online ads like a pro. Monetize your email list. Craft landing pages that convert.

That is quite a list and some of the important topics covered in Digital Marketing for Dummies.

Let’s look first at how the authors approach capturing traffic with search marketing. They look at all channels that they feel apply, including Google, Youtube, Pinterest, Amazon, and iTunes.

The authors assume and state their audience is not overly technical. They state that “to succeed in the marketing field, you need to understand marketing, not code. Feel free to leave the technical side to someone who understands code, not marketing.”

This appears to be a valid audience and assumption for the content covered. You can also get something out of this book if you are helping someone with a campaign. The help can be in writing effective emails, case study reports, white papers, blog posts, and other assignments we could be asked to complete.

Concerning writing blog posts the authors present 57 blog post ideas and that is a lot. The ideas include posts with lists, case studs, how to, frequently asked questions, series, definitions, research, checklists, interviews, guides, studies, news, parodies, cartoons, and holiday related information.  The ideas are good. The list could be useful to those of us looking for blog post ideas.

That is not all that is useful in Digital Marketing for Dummies. Can you believe there is even a section on overcoming writer’s block? I’m positively impressed with the scope of topics, writing style, and knowledge of the authors.

Digital Marketing for Dummies. Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry. (2017). John Wiley & Sons. 334 pages. ISBN 978-1-119-23559-0. USD$29.99  (softcover).

Reviewed by Jeanette Evans

Note to readers: A version of this review is scheduled to appear in Technical Communication, the journal of the STC.