Program Meeting Presentations

Did you attend a program presentation and you want more information? Were you not able to attend a meeting, and you are curious about the topic? Interested in a recording of one of our mini-webinars? Check out the links below. Please note that presentation slides are available for personal use only.

You can view additional videos on our Northeast Ohio Society for Technical Communication YouTube channel.

Recent Programs

Code Is Poetry, But GIFs Are Divine: Developing Effective Data Analytics Programs
Presented by George Mount, Stringfest Analytics (02/2020). | Presentation (.pdf)

What Harry Potter Professors Teach Us About Instructional Design
Presented by Jamye Sagan and co-hosted with the STC Southeast Michigan Chapter (01/2020). | Contact Jamye Sagan

Sleepless at the Summit Mini-webinar: Tips, Tricks, and Insights for Maximizing your Summit Experience
Presented by Jason Vensel (01/2020). | View webinar recording.

Conditioning Your Mind to Fuel Creativity: Choose Your Own Presentation
Presented by Jennifer Yaros, Brainspark Creativity (11/2019). | Interactive session | Contact Jennifer Yaros

Leveraging Existing Technical Publication Content in an AR World
Presented by EAC Product Development Solutions (09/2019). | Presentation (.pdf)

2018/2019 Programs

Understand the Importance of the STC Salary Database (mini-webinar)
Presented by James Bosquet, STC Treasurer (05/2019. | Presentation (.pdf)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Preparing For an AI World
Presented by Peter “Scotch” Scocimara, Google Cloud Support (04/2019). | Follow Scotch on LinkedIn. Or on Twitter @pscocimara.

Redefining the Role of an Information Architect
Presented by Robin Boldt, Rockwell Automation (03/2019). | Presentation (.pdf)

Tapping into the Creative Mind: The Science Behind Generating Ideas
Presented by Jennifer Yaros, BrainSpark (02/2019). | Recorded Webinar | Tapping into Your Creative Mind (.pdf) | Brain Dominance (.pdf)

Mining for Metadata with Survey Monkey
Presented by Patrick Files, Rockwell Automation (02/2019). | Presentation (.pdf)

What’s the Difference Between Technical Writing and Other Types of Writing?
Presented by Paul Joseph, CEO of International Writing Institute (01/2019). | Recorded Webinar | Presentation (.pdf) | Self Test (.pdf)

LEGO® Serious Play® – Bricks for Business!
Hands-on session facilitated by Heidi Spangler, Bicycling Backwards (01/2019). | Watch this video to learn more | Contact Heidi Spangler

Scale the Summit – Making the Most of Denver 2019
Hear some great tips from Jason Vensel, NEO STC Immediate Past President (12/2018). |  Recorded Webinar

3 Most Valuable STC Membership Benefits
Presented by Bob Young, NEO STC President (10/2018). | Recorded Webinar

Writing for Learnability: Essentials, Tips, & Hacks
Presented by Kim Lindsey, Cinécraft Productions Inc. (11/2018). | Handout (.pdf) | View a Recorded Webinar

Technical Communication 2020 – Forget Hindsight, Look Ahead!
Presented by Bernard Aschwanden, Founder, Publishing Smarter (09/2018). | Publishing Smarter Website | Follow Bernard on LinkedIn

Program Archive

Tips for Technical Illustration (.pdf) – Tricia Spayer (09/2015)

Responsive Design (.pdf) – Nicki Bleiel (04/2015)

More Apps! (.pdf)– Jennifer Loudiana (03/2015)

Content Strategy (.pptx) – Denise Kadilak (10/2014)

Author-it in Practice slides (.pdf). PLUS “super-fun, top-secret user guide for the X1000 teleportation device (.pdf)” – Tricia Spayer and Claudia Thompson (02/2014)

Agile Technical Writing (.pdf) – Steve Jackson and Nicole Derr (04/2013)

Editorial Resources List (.pdf) – Sarah Burke (03/2013)

How To Build A Business Case (.pdf) – Tricia Spayer (02/2013)

How Personality Dimensions Effect Negotiating Style and Tone – Mary Knepper (01/2013)