Program Meeting Presentations

Did you attend a program presentation and you want more information? Were you not able to attend a meeting, and you are curious about the topic? Take a look at the available presentations from previous program meetings. Please note that presentation slides are available for personal use only.

September 2015 Tips for Technical Illustration – Tricia Spayer

April 2015 Responsive Design – Nicki Bleiel

March 2015 More Apps! – Jennifer Loudiana

October 2014 Content Strategy – Denise Kadilak

February 2014 Author-It slides plus “super-fun, top-secret user guide for the X1000 personal teleportation device” – Tricia Spayer and Claudia Thompson

April 2013 Agile Technical Writing – Steve Jackson and Nicole Derr

March 2013 Editorial Resources List – Sarah Burke

February 2013 How To Build A Business Case – Tricia Spayer

January 2013 How Personality Dimensions Effect Negotiating Style and Tone – Mary Knepper

February 2010 (STC Webinar) Ten things you thought you knew about writing – Leah Guren

February 2009 (STC Webinar) Technical communication as a management function: Move up the ladder to survive challenging times – Slides || Handout – Joel Kline

March 2008 NEO STC Meeting Crucial Conversations: Tools for talking when the stakes are high; Flash Cards – Gary Miller

November 2002 NEO STC Meeting E-learning: Concepts, Strategies, and Tools – Lori Klepfer