President’s Column: NEO STC Becomes OHIO STC

Our chapter celebrated a momentous occasion on Monday, February 17, 2020, when the members voted to change the name of the chapter from Northeast Ohio Society for Technical Communication to Ohio Society for Technical Communication.

Why the change?

After 64 years as NEO STC, why change now? NEO STC opened its doors in 1956, under the direction of Chairman George Sumner.

As many of you are aware, NEO STC remained the only STC chapter in Ohio. To open our virtual ‘doors,’ to make programs and resources available to all STC members in Ohio and the surrounding regions, we need to be inclusive. Imagine you are joining STC, and you live in Columbus, Ohio. How likely are you to join a chapter that’s called Northeast Ohio?

Unless you are like Sara Buchanan, our fantastic newsletter editor from the Cincinnati area, and a handful of other wonderful members, you might not be inclined to join our chapter.

We know of many STC members who do not belong to a chapter, simply because the name or region does not apply to them.

Other STC chapters have gone through this re-branding process as well. We have, now, the Florida STC chapter, and the Arizona STC chapter. These states have combined multiple chapters into one chapter from each state.

What does this mean for me?

If you are a current NEO STC member, you probably won’t notice much of a change, with the exception of a new URL and a new logo, eventually. (Don’t worry – when you type in neostc dot org, we’ll redirect you!)

We still plan to hold excellent programming through webinars, and in-person events, when practical.

Our goal is to encourage STC members from throughout the state to connect, to hold meetups, and to volunteer virtually.

Our Slack channel already boasts job postings throughout all of Ohio.

We have dedicated, long-time NEO STC members who are willing to meet with members in-person, in cities throughout Ohio.

It’s all about connection

As former Chapter President, Angie Dianetti, stated, our chapter’s strength lies in the fact that our members are long-time friends. We stick around. We have each others’ backs. We want each other to succeed.

Now with more friends around the state, we have the opportunity to make more connections, to grow our chapter, and to highlight all that this great state of Ohio has to offer the world of technical communication!

When will the changes happen?

This will be an iterative process. We have a web site to change, a bank account, a tax ID number, and wait for the STC International membership database name to catch up with us. And numerous other details to iron out.

We’ll want a new logo, so stay tuned: we will have a member logo design contest!

Thank you to those who have supported us in this effort. We are confident that this is a positive step forward for all of us.

Special thanks to Immediate Past President, Bob Young, who spearheaded and coordinated this effort with STC International.

By Tricia Spayer, President of Ohio STC