President’s Column


The thistle and milkweed are about to bloom, so the American Goldfinches are getting ready to breed. They are one of the few species that wait till seeds are available before breeding. Many other species switch to a diet of insects during the breeding season. By waiting for seeds, American Goldfinches thwart predation by Brown-Headed Cowbirds. Few of the Cowbird nestlings can survive on seeds alone.

It’s also a good time to begin organizing for the upcoming Ohio STC year!

As your incoming president, I have a few goals, primarily around increasing our membership throughout Ohio, including encouragement of student chapters. We are also discussing a regional conference with the STC Michigan Great Lakes Chapter.

While the international office will help with some membership recruitment, we can use help from our members. Do you know of companies that hire technical writers that we can reach out to recruit new members? Do you have contacts at colleges that could help start technical writing clubs or student chapters?

Another need is for a program coordinator. We hope we can do in-person events starting in September, but besides putting COIVD-19 behind us, we need people to coordinate the events. Program coordinators help find venues and plan logistics for the events. Ideally, we would have several people helping out to distribute the work.

Our newsletter editor, Jeanette Evans, would also appreciate the help of a co-editor.

Contact myself or one of our board members if you would like to help out. You can choose the level of involvement that works for you.

I look forward seeing everyone in person again soon. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Barb Philbrick