Our Game Night Social Included Laughs

“Laughter was the highlight of the NEOSTC game night.” So said Angie Dianetti about the March 15 NEO STC game night social activity. She goes on to say,

“While waiting for others to arrive, Ginny Haas, Tricia Spayer, and I started with a friendly game of Pentago, each winning once. The game requires you to get five marbles in a row with a board that moves with each turn.

After the pizza arrived, we turned to Sequence, a card/board game with the objective of placing five poker chips in a row by playing cards from your hand. We played in teams with Angie, Bob Young, and Jason Vensel taking round one and Lisa Scovern, Steve Shon and Tricia Spayer taking round two.

Then the real laughs began with a game of Apples to Apples. This game requires players to match word cards in their hands to a judge’s word card. Without knowing who put in the card, the judge then picks which word most closely fits.

Of course, most of the time, the words you have in your hand are barely related to the judge’s word. The player to collect four cards first wins the game.

Finally, we played a round of Snake Oil. In this game, one player is a consumer randomly selected from a card. Everyone else then chooses two words from cards in their hands to make up a fictitious product. Each player makes a sales pitch to the consumer, who then picks the product they would like to buy. Ginny Haas won this very tight race with her very exuberant sales pitch of a TV Tunnel to a Kindergartener.”

Lines & Letters recently asked Angie some more questions about the night and her long-time involvement in organizing NEO STC social activities. Here is how she answered.

How did this game night compare to other game nights?

Every game night is different. The key is being able to figure out the right games to offer the group, based on group size, gaming experience, and time available. I think we did a decent job of this, however, we did lose track of time and didn’t finish up until 9:00

What was your favorite part of game night?

The best part was Bob Young laughing too hard to get his sales pitch out.

What was this game night like?

We had enough people to play group games without having to break out into separate tables with multiple games going on. This made it more inclusive and less downtime for anyone. However, it did limit the games that we could try.

How long have you been organizing social events for NEO STC?

It seems like forever – I’m thinking 15 years?

What are some of your favorite social events for NEO STC?

I have loved all of them, from brewery and distillery tours, to a winery, to the Rock Hall of Fame. We’ve tried some others, but haven’t been able to get as many people signed up. We used to do the socials on Friday nights so that people wouldn’t have to work the next day. This year we are trying Thursday nights and seem to be getting better responses. What I like most about the lunches and socials is a chance to get to know other members and guests. Networking is about building personal relationships. These events are a great way to do that.

What are some of your favorite games?

There are so many games that I love. I like to play strategy games with my kids like Settlers of Catan, Risk, Ticket to Ride, Samari and Tigres & Euphrates. Word games like Apples to Apples, Snake Oil, Scattergories and Wise & Otherwise are also favorites and great party games.

Is there one restaurant that is your favorite for NEO STC lunches?

That’s a tough one. For the food, I like interesting non-chain local restaurants. But for ease of scheduling, the main factors are will they do separate checks and is the restaurant likely to be open when the event comes around. Several years ago, we showed up to a closed restaurant for the networking lunch. We had to put a sign on the door and go somewhere else.

By Angie Dianetti and Jeanette Evans