NEO STC Salary Database (Webinar Review)

New job? New industry? Moving? Wondering if you are fairly compensated? Those are some of the reasons webinar host Jim Bousquet notes could make the the STC Salary Database of interest to you. In looking at the database, consider that industry and geography matter greatly. For example, if the cost of living is high as in a city such as NYC or a location in the Bay Area, keep that in mind and part of what Jim Bousquet covered in the May 15 webinar on the importance of the database. Location can hold a higher weight than industry according to Jim.

The goal of the webinar was, at least in part, to help attendees learn “how to negotiate a better salary and improve your position within your organization” as promotional materials for the webinar stated that the database is a “huge benefit of STC membership, yet it remains forgotten, ignored, or misunderstood by members.”

It is worth noting that the 2016-2017 STC Salary Database was a winner of an APEX 2018 Award of Excellence. APEX Awards are based on excellence in graphic  design, editorial content, and the ability to achieve overall communication excellence. APEX Awards of Excellence recognize exceptional entries in each of the individual categories.

Webinar presenter Jim Bousquet has been an STC member for 12 years. He was treasurer and chapter president of the Southwestern Ontario Chapter and treasurer of the Instructional Design and Learning SIG .He also served at the Society level on the Community Affairs Committee SIG Outreach Team and on the 2017 Community Budget Review Committee. He is now starting his second two-year term on the STC Board as Treasurer, chairing the Finance and Investment Committee and the Community Budget Review Committee.

You may watch Jim’s webinar here:

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Reviewed by Jeanette Evans