NEO STC Community Officer Elections – 2016

Elections will be held May 12, 2016, at the Annual NEO STC Community Awards Banquet and Election.

Candidates for our 2016/2017 NEO STC officer positions are:
Jason Vensel: Vice President Candidate
Tricia Spayer: Treasurer Candidate
Kelly Graham: Secretary Candidate

All voting members may vote for our candidates in person or by proxy at this meeting on May 12th. For each officer position, each voting member may vote for the candidate identified above, or identify a write-in candidate. Any write-in candidate must be a regular, student, or senior member of the NEO STC community to qualify. If we have a quorum of voting members (10% of membership) voting at the May 12 meeting, then the candidate who receives the majority of votes in their respective position will be elected.

If you are unable to attend the May 12th meeting, and would like to vote by proxy instead, please contact Lisa Mileusnich by May 10th to let her know who you are designating as your proxy to attend the meeting and vote in your place.