NEO STC Board Meets to Discuss Chapter Accomplishments and Plans

NEO STC Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs met in January to review accomplishments, and to discuss plans for the remainder of the year. Following are highlights of the meeting.

President’s Report

Jason Vensel, President, reported that Ben Woelk, STC Rochester, offered a free Sunday-Monday registration to the Spectrum conference being held in Rochester on March 25-27. The board decided to hold a drawing to raffle it off – with the raffle open to current NEO STC members only, to encourage folks to renew their membership. [link to related article about the winner?]

Treasurer’s Report

Tricia Spayer, Treasurer, reviewed the chapter’s income and expenses to date. She stated that the 2018 budget has been approved by STC, and that community funding from the national organization for 2018 is slightly below what we received last year.

Academic Relations

This committee continues to develop and maintain relationships with NEO schools. NEO STC members are participating in outreach programs at several local universities this spring, including:

  • John Carroll University. In February, three chapter members presented to Writing for the Professions course JCU students in February.
  • Akron University. Lynn Nickels and a technology manager from Rockwell Automation will present to a Technical Writing class of engineering students about collaborative writing in the workplace.
  • Youngstown State University. Chapter members are tentatively scheduled to review senior project presentations.
    Board members agreed that we need to focus more on colleges to get students interested in attending programs and joining STC. Working with career services on campus, or with faculty, to do resume and portfolio reviews might be another way that we can expose students to STC.

Newsletter Committee

Jeanette Evans, Committee Co-Chair, announced that the committee applied for the STC APEX Award for Publication Excellence. The Newsletter Committee has won 3 previous awards. Jeanette stated that the newsletter editors are always looking for articles. The last issue this year is in May.

Website Committee

Brian Smith, Committee Co-Chair, reviewed ongoing maintenance and updates to the site to promote our programs and events.

PR Committee

Julianne Forsythe, Committee Co-Chair, updated the board on the number of Constant Contact subscribers (for our event mailings), as well as open rates for our mailings. She reported increased posts and activity on the NEO STC Facebook page, with some posts to Twitter and LinkedIn, to increase our social media presence. Tricia Spayer cited research that suggests that Facebook can be a key platform to help extend our reach beyond our current membership.

Membership Committee

Bob Young, Committee Co-Chair, stressed that it is critical that we focus more on increasing our membership to maintain a vibrant, active chapter. Bob talked about coordinating a telephone membership drive to reach out to former members to rejoin the chapter. He is also looking for suggestions on other ways to increase our membership.

Networking Lunches and Socials Committee

Monthly lunches and socials continue at various locations in the greater Cleveland and Akron areas. Upcoming events have been posted on the website.

Honors Committee

Kelly Graham, Committee Chair, reported that she was hard at work on our Community Achievement Award application, which was due to STC at midnight on the night of our board meeting.

Programs Committee

Currently, there is no committee chair for this group, but Bob Young and a few dedicated NEO STC members continue to plan and execute informative monthly meetings. The board discussed the meeting calendar for the remainder of the program year. A call for proposals for next year should go out soon. We need volunteers to lead this committee.

Other Items

Tricia Spayer discussed starting up a list serve or other online group so that chapter members can easily communicate with each other. She will research options.

The NEO STC officer and committee election will be coming up soon. We are looking for energetic, passionate people who want to add to their career skills portfolio by taking on a leadership or volunteer role in NEO STC. Immediate Past President, Brian Smith, is taking nominations.

By Julianne Forsythe