NEO STC 2016 Holiday Banquet Fun!

Every year, we look forward to our Holiday Banquet to meet and enjoy each other’s company before the holidays. It has been a tradition, albeit a short one, to record memorable quotes from our banquet. This year was no exception and provided quite the plethora of humorous, strictly taken-out-of-context exaggerations of the mis-spoken word!

I’m including several, here, just in case you missed them…

“I think I need to see the Crown Jewels, again!”

“Gromet might be dead by now.”

“I didn’t say, ‘Like, what are you, nuts?’”          

“I couldn’t get it off.”

“You don’t mind because you like it – Well, you’re just whipping them out right now, aren’t you?”

“Is that my toilet paper? Well, what’s good for the goose…”

“She wanted a live one…she wanted to cut it down!”

“I just want to warn you, a lot of people who pick out their Christmas trees in the dark are disappointed!”

“She said, “’They’ve got a live camel!’”

 “Are we doing that? We have to. They have a LIVE CAMEL!”

“She totaled every car that was a Chevy.”

“Did you ever get that fixed?”

“Watch the police blotter!”

“It talks when you stimulate it – just like a man!”

“If I didn’t know you, I’d be moving to another table…”

“When I was in your bed, I didn’t know your Furby was there.”

“I’ve been playing with it; I just can’t figure it out…”

“It’s technical, but it’s fluffy.”

And the most shocking of all, “Monty went to another party!” WWWHHHHAAAATTT????

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

by Lynn Nickels