Lord of the Manuals: Return of Creativity

Jennifer Yaros, Chief Creativity Officer of BrainSpark, brought energy, creativity, and teamwork to the April NEO STC meeting at Rockwell Automation. Drawing from her work developing BrainSpark, a new offering from Radcom to promote creativity in the workplace, Jennifer guided us through an epic journey:

• In the Cave of Creativity, we warmed up by writing stories that incorporated five randomly-selected words. Jennifer then taught us ways to foster creativity, such as by having a calm mind. She encouraged us to apply creativity in technical communication to make unusual connections and spark new ideas.

• In the Kingdom of Experts, we learned creative ways to unite our SMEs, including a few tricky Trojan horses.

• On the Island of Manuals, we split into small groups to unite our end users through creative methods of knowledge transfer apart from the standard user manual.

If you are intrigued by how to meet end-users’ needs through creative means, learn more at www.brainspark-creativity.com.

By Carrie Cianciola