Leadership: What’s in it for you?

It is that time of year when we elect and appoint new leaders for the upcoming year. The Ohio STC year runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

We are seeking new leaders to carry our chapter forward in the upcoming year. Will you be one of them? What’s in it for you?

Transferrable skills

  1. Leadership. You take on a leadership role where you get to manage a team, or the whole chapter, in a supportive environment where you are allowed to learn and make mistakes. Call it leadership with training wheels, where you don’t have to worry about losing a job if you don’t yet know how to perform, or if you make some mistakes.
    There is no experience needed to take on a chapter leadership role.
    Don’t wait until “you’re ready.” Guess what? No one is ever ‘ready’ to take on roles. No one is born knowing how to do a leadership role. You learn as you go. Past leaders mentor you, and the training is ongoing throughout the year.
    What you do need is the willingness to show up, step forward, and to learn.
  1. Team building. Did you ever take on a huge project all by yourself? How many times did you feel like giving up? Feel overwhelmed? Feel like the task was impossible?
    Now think about how that project could have gone with a team of enthusiastic people willing to support you, to take over tasks for you, to free you up to do the part you like?
    This is what team-building is about. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who support you when you need it most. And they will help you accomplish tasks much larger than you ever imagined.
  1. Project management. As technical communicators, we all manage projects on some level, whether it’s ensuring that all the topics in a manual are complete, edited, and published on time, or making sure that your topics are uploaded to your knowledge base so that customers have access to them in a timely manner. As a volunteer, you can manage events, manage our public relations campaign, or manage part of the chapter, all while learning this highly important skill.
  2. Skill development. You can learn an event-planning tool like EventBrite, or an email campaign tool like Constant Contact. How about developing your web skills? Or how about your interpersonal skills to help you connect better with your subject matter experts?

Intrinsic benefits

Being a volunteer for a non-profit organization, you get to contribute to something bigger than you. You benefit the lives of countless other members as well as consumers of our products.

Those of us who have volunteered in the past know that, as a volunteer, we get exponentially more benefit out of STC than someone who does not volunteer. Your connection with other team members opens doors to countless learning opportunities, knowledge, and job leads.

Portfolio enhancement

If you are a leader or volunteer, you can add this experience to your resume or LinkedIn profile. These volunteer credentials can lead to bigger opportunities and advancement in your career.


In your work environment, you may receive an annual review. But how often do you get applauded, rewarded, or even thanked for going above and beyond? Ohio STC always shows its appreciation to volunteers through newsletter articles, year-end awards, and countless thanks.

Where would you like to volunteer?

Learn more:

Leadership opportunities: Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer: http://neostc.org/cmswp/about-ohio-stc/leadership-opportunities/

Other volunteer opportunities: http://neostc.org/cmswp/about-ohio-stc/volunteer-opportunities/

All these roles can be done remotely. We’ve all been working remotely for more than a year!

Next steps

Contact Immediate Past President, Tricia Spayer, today to discuss your interest in helping our chapter thrive! ipp@neostc.org