Leadership Intelligence: The 5Qs for Thriving As a Leader (Book Review)

Leadership Intelligence: The 5Qs for Thriving as a Leader tackles the topic of leadership as it relates to the corporate world today. The authors assert that what works today in the corporate world includes “nimble minds” and “rounded perspectives” when it comes to leadership and solving problems.

The authors have done research concerning effective leadership in the corporate world noting five key leadership intelligences and their corresponding quotient (Q):

  • Cognitive intelligence (IQ)
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Moral intelligence (MQ)
  • Political intelligence (PQ)
  • Resilience intelligence (RQ)

As an example, a definition for EQ is the ability to manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. PQ relates to a process of discussion to reach agreement, harmony, and a way forward.

The audience here could be anyone in a position of leadership up to an executive level or board level. Authors Andrew Kakabadse and Ali Qassim Jawad tested the 5Qs on leaders worldwide.

The authors concluded the 5Qs contribute to becoming a well-rounded and effective leader for any situation. The authors also note that individuals can nurture and practice the 5Qs through learning and development. The authors also state the 5Qs or quotients relate to four levels of leadership: operational, general management, executive management, and board level.

Dr. Ali Qassim Jawad has worked with governments in the Gulf region. His doctorate is from the Cranfield School of Management and he was a visiting scholar at Yale University. He is currently a senior advisor to the Royal Court of Oman. Andrew Kakabadse is Professor of Governance and Leadership at the Henley Business School. He is an emeritus professor at the Cranfield School of Management.

The ideas and information the authors present in Leadership Intelligence: The 5Qs for Thriving as a Leader are worthwhile, thoughtful, and useful.

Leadership Intelligence: The 5Qs for Thriving as a Leader
Andrew Kakabadse and Ali Qassim Jawad. 2019. Bloomsbury Business. 261 pages.
ISBN 9781472963932 US$19.60 (softcover)

Reviewed by Jeanette Evans

Note to readers:  A version of this review is scheduled to appear in Technical Communication, the journal of the STC.