Kim Lindsey Honored as STC Associate Fellow

KimLindseyAF2016Sincere congratulations go to Kim Lindsey who achieves the rank of Associate Fellow during the STC Summit in June. What can we say about Kim? There is so much! What follows is adapted from her nomination for Associate Fellow.

Career Overview

Kim has been called a “poster child” for the Society for Technical Communication – and this is why. In 1999 she changed career paths, and employment testing directed her toward “technical communication.” Learning that Cleveland had a local STC chapter, she registered for a meeting to see what the people were like and to hear about their jobs.

Right from the start, Kim felt tech comm – and STC in particular – were a good fit for her.

All four of the positions she’s had since her career change have been as a result of STC involvement, as she’s advanced from entry level writer to senior instructional designer.

Since STC has meant so much to her professionally, it has been her pleasure and privilege to give back to the Society in numerous ways through the years.

Most of Kim’s contributions have been at the level of our local community, NEO STC – practical and innovative approaches to keep the chapter strong: designing a new fundraising program that’s considered a model by the Society; guiding efforts to provide member value with quality programming; coaching younger and unemployed members in their job search; and representing STC when interfacing with other professional groups.

In all, Kim’s career is a great illustration of the value professionals can find in STC.

Able to think creatively

Kim’s ability to think creatively and develop new strategies has benefitted NEO STC in multiple informal ways through the years. She has advocated consistently for sustainable involvement: keeping realistic expectations of volunteers’ time and effort so as to avoid burn-out that is all too common in professional organizations.

This philosophy has, in some measure, contributed to the fact that a large proportion of NEO STC’s past leaders have stayed active in the chapter and the Society.


“Always remember what it’s like not to know.” Kim’s tagline embodies her philosophy toward technical communication and instructional design.

In her position as the eLearning & Instructional Design Manager at Cinécraft Productions Inc., Kim designs learning experiences on a wide range of topics for the company’s clients. She is recognized for her unique ability to use both sides of the brain – creative and analytic – to empathize with each audience, then develop a training approach that effectively and imaginatively meets the project’s business goals. Prior to her position at Cinécraft, she held several technical communications positions at organizations in the northeast Ohio area.

Kim has held numerous leadership positions in the NEO STC chapter, including President; currently she is the chapter’s Webmaster. Now moving into the role of a thought leader and conference speaker, Kim continues to give back to the Society that has played such a critical role in her professional success.