In the Spotlight: Wendy Ross

Say hello to Wendy Ross as you learn more about her and her work with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Panel (DEIAP) recently established by the STC Board of Directors.
Here are her answers to the questions asked. 
What is your involvement with the DEIAP?  
I am the Chair of the DEIAP and initiated STC’s Position Statement on Racism and Inequity ( My role is to recruit and manage volunteers. We have eight Panel members and kicked off our work in August 2020. You can see the names of our great team members here:
What is your present/past involvement with STC? 
I am an STC Senior Member who volunteered for the Rochester Chapter from 2012 through 2019. My roles have included President, VP/Conference Co-Chair, Mentor, and Conference Volunteer Manager. In addition to my role as DEIAP Chair, I plan to present on topics for STC’s live webinars (which started in October 2020) and regularly present at STC Rochester’s Spectrum Conference on topics ranging from career building to DEI. I had my first book review published in the Journal of Technical Communications in August 2020.
What is your professional and educational background?
I earned a Master of Arts in History at the University of Buffalo, where my favorite part was teaching as an Instructor and Teaching Assistant. I took a full time position as a trainer for a software company, where I learned to love technology. Through various career zig zags, I became a technical communicator, first for software, then IT infrastructure, and later as a Sr. Technical Communicator for security systems hardware and software. In that role, I led a team of talented TCs to develop standards for our global team, and I was invited to China and Germany to share our knowledge and procedures. 
Wanting to have even greater influence at work, I became a Project Manager in 2016. In my current PM role, I manage teams of developers for Cloud software and infrastructure projects, and I work closely with our Marketing team to develop and edit customer-facing content.
In August 2020, I started a Doctorate of Education in Executive Leadership. I plan to focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
What else would you like to share with our readers about the DEIAP and/or your work with the DEIAP? 
The DEIAP has identified two streams we’d like to follow, with all activities being approved by the Board. The first stream aims to improve DEI within STC and its chapters. All members and guests should be treated equitably, and the DEIAP will review and make recommendations for the STC programs, website, and Summit. The second stream is focused on tech comm as a career. We’re exploring ways to make tech comm a career of choice for diverse candidates and also to provide guidance to practitioners on writing without bias. Our first tasks are creating mission and policy statements and reviewing STC’s Ethical Principles for updates.
By Wendy Ross and Jeanette Evans