In the Spotlight: Laura Fox


Laura Fox is hoping to get more involved with NEO STC as she says “I think it is a great way to stay current with technical writing trends.” Laura has an MA in Educational Psychology and started her career as a training coordinator. As she puts it:

“I wrote job-aids and training material for several computer implementations. I had written so much that it was a natural progression into technical writing. Some of the subjects such as mechanical engineering and MRI equipment were intimidating at first, but I found that I could write for any subject by asking questions and videotaping the process. I like the variety and challenge of technical writing. Writing for software development in agile environments taught me to be flexible. In agile, the documentation will never be perfect. The writing evolves as the product evolves. Even though I am not in an agile environment now, I prefer to start writing while processes are in development rather than waiting until the end. My work at Locus Fermentation Solutions involves hardware, software, policy, and procedure writing. I am very grateful to have found a career that I enjoy. Being in the creative flow of writing is a great place to be.” 

About her personal background, Laura notes:

“I have always had a connection and love for children. I studied Educational Psychology wanting to help children but ended up finding a different path. I’ve been able to help children by writing children’s books that are published – I Am So Angry I Could Scream and Stan the Timid Turtle (now out of print). I hope to get more manuscripts published. I have a wonderful husband (Michael Salzinger) and an 11-year-old son (Alex Salzinger) that keep me busy. My son is very active with sports. He is an AAU runner and currently in travel basketball.”

By Laura Fox and Jeanette Evans