In the Spotlight: Kim Lindsey

Kim has held several chapter-level offices, including President and Webmaster. In 2014 she received the Distinguished Chapter Service Award, and in 2016 she was named an Associate Fellow of the Society (see photo).

About her association with NEO STC, Kim says, “Our chapter has been a linchpin in my whole career, and networking with all of you has led to every writing job I’ve had. I really do owe it all to NEOSTC! This past year I’ve been taking a hiatus – to learn why, read on.”

Concerning her educational and profession background, Kim notes, “I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. Related to that, I was an ASCP-registered Medical Laboratory Technologist, which involved a 1 year curriculum of classroom lectures and clinical rotations to get into the field. I went to grad school too – I have an almost-masters in medieval history & culture. So of course I became a writer, LOL. I was in tech comm for 10 years, then nudged over into instructional design in 2009. My current position is Lead Learning Experience Designer at Cinécraft Productions (”

When asked about what a lead learning experience designer does, Kim responded:

“Design learning experiences! 😉 But seriously, what an LX or instructional design professional does can vary widely between companies and positions.

At Cinécraft, the role mostly involves writing, with the chunking and information flow that we’re all familiar with. But instead of manuals or help, I design and write eLearning courses and instructor-led training (facilitator guides, participant guides, slide presentations, handouts, etc.). I especially enjoy the variety in my work and the uniqueness of every project and every set of learners.”

As for why Kim has not been around as much lately, Kim says the reason is a “happy one.  In 2019 I was tightly focused on buying my first home, and the effort paid off: I’m now the proud owner of a split-level in a lovely Twinsburg neighborhood. Making it “mine” will take years, but I’m off to a good start.

And in 2020, the big excitement for us Sander-fans is the release of book 4 in the Stormlight Archive series. The release party for book 3 was such fun (see photos) that I’m planning to go again. Spending one’s vacation reading a 1000-page novel? – sounds perfect to me!”