In the Spotlight: Kathleen Ruggeri

This month, Lines & Letters caught up with long-time member, Kathleen Rugerri, who recently changed roles at Rockwell Automation. Kathleen was the previous Manager of Information Development. Kathleen’s new role is Manager, Information Architecture and Content Strategy. In this role, she and her team are responsible for creating technical content strategies for Rockwell Automation’s complex products, systems, technologies, and initiatives. This includes the specific content plans for deliverables, the relationships within and among sets of deliverables from both the authoring and the user perspective, and visuals that communicate the strategy to stakeholders in the company. This in-depth planning and focus is key to managing the technical content for more than 300,000 Rockwell Automation products.

In addition, Kathleen is the program manager for Rockwell Automation’s Content Quality initiative. Using automated tools that have been customized specifically for our content, style, and terminology, Kathleen is managing the roll-out of these tools to employees throughout the company who create technical content to solidify consistency and streamline translatability.

Kathleen Ruggeri has been a long-time member of STC. She began her affiliation with STC while a student at Bowling Green State University, where she obtained a B.A. in Scientific and Technical Communication. She then went on to get her M.B.A at John Carroll University.

Kathleen has presented several times to NEO STC on the subjects of technical communication project management/metrics, information architecture, editing, and controlled vocabularies. She has participated in the STC International Summit several times, and has presented papers on metrics, topic-based architectures, mentoring, and the importance of technical communication internships. Kathleen has also served as a judge for the publications competition at the local and international level several times.

On a personal note, Kathleen enjoys playing the saxophone and has been a regular musician in the Rockwell Automation Christmas Band. She is married and has two daughters.