In the Spotlight: Jill McCauslin

Jill McCauslin Photo for NEO STC
Jill McCauslin

Meet our new Vice President, Jill McCauslin!

Jill left in-house employment about one year ago to work full-time at her company, WhitePoint Professionals. Right now, she works as an instructional designer for a few different clients. She says, “I’ve done work for both instructor-led training and elearning courses. I have a small office on the west side of Akron in an incubator-type space called The Circle.”

Jill has worked at many companies over the years on a lot of different projects. “I started as a technical writer and then over the years, moved more into the training world. I spent a lot of energy on performance support at my last job. That was an interesting project.”

Jill joined STC a long time ago, “… around 1997.” She said, “I went to the annual conference that year, which was held in Toronto, Ontario.”

750x500_ehow_images_a08_a3_0m_salary-vicepresident-supply-chains-800x800Jill is currently the Vice President for the NEO chapter and is an Associate Fellow. She says, “I’m also coordinating the book club for this year. I’ve worked on a variety of things for the chapter over the years. It’s a great way to get to know people.” She said she feels that our chapter has done a great job of pulling together people with common interests. So true!

“I was an English major so no great technical background there. There was no tech comm programs when I was in school,” she said.  “I’ve learned much of what I do from STC, work, seminars, Google, and just figuring things out. It’s why I’ve found STC to be helpful.”

Jill says she loves to read and to hike. “I mainly read fiction and hike all over the area. We’re lucky to have a national park close by as well as the Metro Parks.”

And, she’s taken up running in the past couple of years. “I’ve run a few 5Ks and one 5-mile race and ran in a relay team for the Akron Marathon at the end of September. I’ve also set a goal of doing a pull-up in my lifetime and I’m working hard on trying to get strong enough to do it. When that happens, I’ll flood social media with photos!”

Jill has a son, Nick, who is attending Queens University of Charlotte. She lives in Hudson with her dog Nunu and has a blog she occasionally posts to about life as a widow. Feel free to check it out: