In the Spotlight: Ginny Haas

Ginny Haas, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Radcom, Inc.

Ginny Haas is a long-time member and friend of NEOSTC (OHIOSTC). She is currently the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Radcom, Inc., a local business that provides technical documentation, instructional design, and process documentation services.

Prior to joining Radcom, Ginny worked for an organization that used a technical writer to document their business processes. This is where her interest in technical writing was sparked.

Ginny then joined Radcom in 2006 where her interest in technical communication was furthered when she was introduced to the Society for Technical Communication. The NEOSTC, Northeast Ohio’s local chapter at that time, provided a place where she could learn about the various components of technical communication. It also provided many friendships including Bob Young, Tricia Spayer, Denise Kadilak, Amy Vogt, Paul Holland, and Kim Lindsey, among others. The NEOSTC provided a venue in which she could immerse herself in technical communication and begin to internalize the array of available information.

Technical communication allows people to leverage a wide-array of interests as they master the craft. Ginny brought a strong interest in the arts to the table.

“Once upon a time, I thought I was going to be an artist. What I love about my job is that I get to be creative, just in a different way. In my role as VP of Sales at Radcom, I get to help people see things from different and creative perspectives. I also get to work with people from all different industries and backgrounds and see things from their creative and unique perspectives,” said Ginny

Ginny has an undergraduate degree in Business Management. In combination with her creative and artistic instincts, she is well equipped to contribute to, and source, technical communications resources.

Understanding the psychology of business and how businesses work helps me appreciate the underlying benefits that technical documentation, training, and performance improvement brings to companies, and it helps me communicate those benefits to my clients,” said Ginny

When she is not working in technical communication, training. or process development, she is an avid runner and unicyclist. She also enjoys quilting with her family. She is married and has two adult children and five grandchildren, all who “fill my heart and soul.”

Ginny supports and works in the technical communication industry and very much enjoys working with technical writers and instructional designers.

“My clients are business leaders who are trying to improve their business results through the performance of their people. Technical documentation often plays a key role in that performance improvement.”

Image copyright Radcom

Reviewed by Paul Holland