Hiring and Training Innovative Leaders

Many companies claim to be forward-thinking and innovative, but are they really? As we head into the fourth industrial revolution, developing a creative and innovative culture is necessary for a company to survive as we head into the fourth industrial revolution, and company culture starts with the leadership team. If the leadership team values and embodies certain attributes, then those behaviors are embraced by others in the company. There are nine attributes of creative and innovative leaders. Knowing the following attributes provides you with the appropriate behaviors around which to train and hire.

Nine Behaviors of Creative and Innovative Leaders

  1. Innovative Leaders Create a Vision with Colleagues – Innovative leaders know the value of collaboration. They believe in having a shared vision and working together to achieve this vision.
  2. Creative Leaders Build Trust – Leaders that show the most creativity trust their people and in turn are trusted. Creative leaders take risks, so feeling safe and knowing others have your back helps the process.
  3. Innovative Leaders Constantly Challenge the Status Quo – Innovative leaders take risks and are fearless. They are more concerned with doing what is right than what is expected.
  4. Creative Leaders are Experts with Deep Curiosity – Leaders who foster creative thinking are experts in their area and constantly learning more.
  5. Innovative Leaders Set High Goals – Leaders of innovative teams set high standards. They provide opportunities for their people to grow and challenge them to achieve what they believe is beyond their reach.
  6. Innovative Leaders Gravitate Toward Speed – Successful innovative leaders move at a quick pace. They push for quick prototypes even if it is held together with duct tape and binder clips instead of waiting months for the perfect end-result. This allows them to test and quickly change directions and make improvements, if necessary.
  7. Creative Leaders Crave Information – Creative leaders like information and provide their team with plenty of facts to keep everyone on the same page. They ask good questions and are good listeners.
  8. Innovative Leaders Excel at Teamwork – The innovative leader never makes it about “me.” They do not allow ego to interfere with the team. They encourage collaboration and teamwork.
  9. Creative and Innovative Leaders Value Diversity and Inclusion – Creative leaders recognize the value of having different views and opinions. Innovative leaders know how to blend the various views to get answers and results.

Whether your existing leadership team needs coaching, or you need help developing your company’s future leaders, I am here to help you to build a creative and innovative culture. Contact me today.

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By Jennifer Yaros

Note to readers: This is a reprint from the https://www.brainspark-creativity.com/hiring-innovative-leaders/ site.