Happy New Year!

NEO STC wishes you and yours a wonderful new year. Did you set any resolutions? I did the obligatory “be healthier” resolution which means hitting my Fitbit step goal and water intake goal everyday.

Speaking of resolutions, make sure you check out the President’s Column written by Bob Young. He talks about upcoming events and opportunities to become more involved with NEO STC. If resolutions aren’t your thing, he also talks about baseball.

Don’t forget to check out our other articles:

Thanks Jeanette for all your submissions for the January newsletter!

Do you have things to share with the newsletter? Do you have a resolution to submit more articles to the NEO STC newsletter? If not, consider it! If you are a NEO STC member, you could win a $20 gift card for your submission. The more articles you submit, the more chances you have to win! We will do a drawing shortly after each newsletter hits the virtual shelves. Further, in our effort to support future Tech Comm professionals, students, NEO STC member or not, are also eligible for the drawing.

Julianne Forsythe won the drawing for her submission to the last newsletter. To be eligible for the next drawing, don’t forget to send your newsletter submissions to newsletter@neostc.org.

For more great content, check out the STC Rochester chapter’s newsletter. Each month, the newsletter is updated and the previous content is added to the archive dating back to 1959!

By Sara Buchanan