Exercises in Media Writing (Book Review)

“Just right” were the words that came to mind when reviewing Exercises in Media Writing. As a companion to Dynamics of Media Writing, what we see in Exercises in Media Writing appears to be an effective mix of useful and interesting materials.

With fourteen major areas of interest, Exercises in Media Writing covers a wide and appropriate array of topics including the basics of grammar, style, language, accuracy, interviewing, and audience focus. Other traditional topics include writing for public relations, advertising, and marketing. More contemporary topics include writing for the web and social media, as you would expect.

In the chapter on law and ethics, I found a reminder of the five freedoms delineated in the First Amendment of the Constitution (page 29). These include the freedom of press, speech, assembly, petition, and religion. This reminder I found most welcome and appropriate.

The answer key is clear and effective. I feel I should also mention that the paper used for Exercises in Media Writing is pleasant to the touch. Overall and in both content and presentation, Exercises in Media Writing is “just right” as you can see.

Exercises in Media Writing

Vincent Filak. 2018. CQ Press. 96 pages.

ISBN-13: 978-1544338101. ISBN-10: 1544338104. US$30 (softcover).

Note to readers: A version of this review is scheduled to appear in Technical Communication (the scholarly journal of STC).

Reviewed by Jeanette Evans