Excellent Excel Class at DeVore Technologies

I recently had the privilege of attending the Intermediate Excel 2013 class at DeVore Technologies, Inc. in Beachwood, where NEO STC held its October meeting. Thanks to the wonderful folks at DeVore, attendees of that NEO STC meeting were able to attend one of a handful of classes for FREE. Yeah – you read that right. Just by going to the October NEO STC meeting and taking advantage of this opportunity, my yearly STC membership paid for itself. Beat that, bargain-hunters!!

But wait, there’s more!! I got to learn something new.

Excel is one of those programs I’ve had as part of the Office suite that is granted to us associates at Pressco. So I’ve gotten to play with Excel since 1996 or earlier. But my skills were limited. Sure, I could use the Sum function and add numbers with the best of them. I could even keep track of attendees for an STC meeting. Beyond that, I fumbled my way into making Excel do what I wanted it to.

No more fumbling. Thanks to our instructor, Troy Boerner at DeVore, I am now a confident chart-maker, sparkline specialist, filter fanatic, sorting superstar, and function fiend. Oh, and I can add an awesome penguin photo in the background of an Excel sheet (but only when I wouldn’t want people to be able to read the content).

Here’s a bonus lesson to whet your whistle:

Subtotal figures and have Excel insert those rows for you automatically (as opposed to you having to insert rows manually and perform a Sum function in each subsection). Those automated rows become collapsible so you don’t have to look at all the data. Awesome. This example subtotals sales figures. (My commands are using Excel 2007, so adjust accordingly.)

1. Select a set of data you want to subtotal.
2. From the Data tab, select Subtotal.
3. Select options in the dialog box for “At each change in” (name); Use function (Sum); Add subtotal to (sales).

Picture 23

Please check out DeVore Technologies (devore.com) for your educational enhancement. You’ll be glad you did. It’s a terrific facility. The pace was perfect for our class. Troy, our instructor, made sure we all got the concepts before moving on, and made us feel like superstars. That’s what a class should be like.

By Tricia Spayer