Past Events

Wondering what NEO STC has been up to? Check the list below for a list of the meetings and workshops we’ve enjoyed in the past!

June  2018 Sarah’s Vineyard – Evening social

May 2018 – Annual Community Awards Banquet & Election

April 2018 – Lord of the Manuals: Return of Creativity – Jennifer Yaros, Presenter

March 2018 – Games! Food! Friends! – Evening social at Radcom

February 2018 – Intelligent Content: What is it and Why is it Important? – Alan Horvath, Presenter

January 2018 Digital Opportunities within Tech Communications – Jillian Kupchella, Presenter

December 2017 NEO STC Holiday Social Party

November 2017 The Failure Cycle and How to Beat Procrastination – Bob Dianetti, Presenter

May 2017 – Annual Community Awards Banquet & Election

April 2017 – When Communities Collide: NEO STC and Local University Collaborations Are a Win-Win! – Panel Discussion

March 2017 – CyberLaw and You: What New Media Communicators Must Know – Christopher Juillet, JD, Presenter

February 2017 – Games! Food! Friends! – Evening social at Tabletop Cleveland

January 2017 – Simplified Technical English – Jennifer Yaros, Presenter

December 2016 – NEO STC Holiday Party

November 2016 – Cameras! Scripts! “Talent”! – Kim Lindsey, Presenter

October 2016 – Designing Intelligent Content – Denise Kadilak, Presenter

May 2016Annual Banquet and Election of 2016-17 Officers

Our lively group met at Creekside in Brecksville for business and festivities, celebrating a great chapter year!

April 2016Don’t Sell, Tell! Use Your Expertise in Writing to Promote Technical Products / Services through Blogging – Lynn Nickles, Presenter

In this session, we learned the ins-and-outs of blogging for a business when the subject matter is highly technical. We even got an opportunity to rework some technical content ourselves, to make it more blog-ready.

March 2016How Mobile Will Change Tech Comm – Neil Perlin, Presenter

Internationally recognized tech-comm guru Neil Perlin led the group through the latest and greates, as well as predictions for what’s ahead in our field.

February 2016How Can Machine Editing Work for You? – Lisa Adair and Kathleen Ruggeri, Presenters

This month we learned how Rockwell Automation is leveraging Acrolinx, a machine editing tool, to improve source quality, control English terminology, and decrease costs by speeding up translation and validation.

January 2016 – Simplified Technical English – Jennifer Yaros, Presenter

This month we learned how Simplified Technical English is used to eliminate ambiguity, improve the comprehension of procedures, and make translation easier. We were also introduced to the ASD-STE100 manual (available free online!) that contains the rules and guidelines for Simplified Technical English.

December 2015 – Holiday Social Event

A good time was had by all, especially Monty!

October 2015 – Emerging Technologies to Consider – with a Focus on Education – Dr. Charles Dull and Jeanette Evans, Presenters

This month we learned what thinkers in the world of education conclude are some of the top emerging technologies:  edublogs, wearable technologies, big data, BYOD, digital identity, haptic interfaces, augmented reality, the internet of things, and more.

September 2015Tips for Technical Illustration – Tricia Spayer, Presenter

This session covered tips for emphasizing areas of interest and uncluttering illustrations, how to NOT scream “amateur,” following ISO standards for icons, drawing usable illustrations from scratch, enhancing imported illustrations and photos, and enhancing screen shot.