Emerging Technologies Listed in the NMC Horizon Report (with wicked challenges)

Charting emerging technologies for teaching and learning is the goal of the NMC Horizon Report initiative of the New Media Consortium. This influential report can provide valuable information to educators, thought leaders, and us, with its research and analysis concerning trends in education. Launched in 2002, the report continues year after year to provide valuable perspectives. Let’s see what insight is in the 2017 report on higher education, starting with the time to adoption statements in the report.

One year or less – time to adoption
Adaptive learning technologies
Mobile learning

Two to three years – time to adoption
Internet of things
Next generation LMS

Four to five years – time to adoptions
Artificial intelligence
Natural user interfaces

Concerning challenges in the higher education community, here is what the report notes:

  • Solvable challenges are those we understand and know how to solve and include improving digital literacy and integrating formal and informal learning.
  • Difficult challenges are those we understand but find solutions elusive and include the achievement gap and advancing digital equity.
  • Wicked challenges are those that are complex to define and address and include managing knowledge obsolescence and rethinking the roles of educators.

Concerning key trends accelerating higher education tech adoption, here is what the report notes.

  • Short-term trends driving technology over the next one to two years include blended learning designs and collaborative learning approaches.
  • Mid-term trends driving technology adoption over the next three to five years include a growing focus on measuring learning and redesigning learning spaces.
  • Long-term trends driving technology adoption for five or more years include advancing cultures of innovation and deeper learning approaches.

To see the full report visit
https://www.nmc.org/publication/nmc-horizon-report-2017-higher-education-edition/ and enjoy.

By Jeanette Evans