Distinguished Toastmaster Tricia Spayer

Toastmasters International is an established organization devoted to the development of communication and leadership in individuals. Tricia Spayer recently earned the Toastmasters International (TI) award for Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the highest educational award offered by TI. According to the DTM Chair, Pete Punwani, in a blog post, the DTM requires at least:

  1. Present 47 speeches.
  2. Take on between 19-21 particular roles at regular club meetings.
  3. Assist with a special event.
  4. Chair a special event (depending on what you decide, you may have to chair two events).
  5. Mentor two people through three speeches or mentor one person and serve on an HPL committee.
  6. Serve as a club officer.
  7. Attend District training while you are an officer.
  8. Participate in the Club Success Plan while you are an officer.
  9. Serve as a District officer.
  10. Complete your High-Performance Leadership project.
  11. Sponsor, Mentor, or Coach a Club.

Tricia comments on her experience, “Whew! It took me nine years of hard work, but I stuck with it. Many terrific people helped me along the way, including some NEO STC members!” All that work certainly earned her the engraved plaque from TI which she proudly displays in her office (who wouldn’t?).

She further shares, “I will be ‘minted’ as a new DTM at the November 4 Toastmasters District 10 Fall Conference. There’s a ceremony where I’ll receive a medal – kind of like a gold medal ceremony for the Olympics. To me, this is my Olympics!”

Congrats on your Olympic-level accomplishment Tricia!