Digital Opportunities within Technical Communications: Our January Meeting

Jillian Kupchella, an account manager at Aquent Studios, was our guest speaker at the January NEO STC meeting. Jillian shared creative ways to embed videos and animations in technical and instructional materials. It was an information-packed presentation, complete with real-life examples of the various techniques, including:

  • Using CINEMA 4D to convert CAD drawings to look like real products.
  • Embedding videos into PDF files.
  • Adding touch points to 3D graphics to guide users to discover more in-depth technical information about products.
  • Incorporating multiple 3D product graphics into a larger environment to create a virtual factory. See an example at:
  • Creating interactive app-based publications with engaging content triggered by user interactions.
  • Using infographics as a tool to simplify and amplify complex information. Visit this site for examples and inspiration:

Our thanks to Jillian for providing a glimpse into the future and how we can update our technical materials to accommodate the new digital age.

By Julianne Forsythe