Digital Marketing and Technical Writers: A Great Combination

Picture 68Technical writers can bring their skills of communicating clearly about technical topics to today’s world of digital marketing. This can apply to communication about important current topics in the field including programmatic ads, B2B digital marketing, mobile applications, and skills digital marketers need today to be successful.

Going along with this idea of communicating clearly is also the idea that technical writers can serve as a bridge when working with various groups. In Technical Content and Marketing Belong Together, the author gives an example of such a bridge and proposes that  “writers are used to being go-betweens; it’s a natural role for them. The engineers consider them an engineering rep to the marketing team, and the marketing team will feel like they have a voice that gets listened to on the engineering team.”

Let’s look some more at bridges with digital marketing groups, as these groups and their efforts grow.

Comfortable with change

Marketers today must be comfortable with change as groups transform themselves from traditional to digital marketing or add digital marketing to the mix. Being comfortable with change can sound like a cliché. But, it is true nonetheless, and technical writers can play an important role in supporting  digital marketing efforts if they are comfortable with change and curious about new technologies, helping to provide those bridges to change.

Being comfortable with change can include how iteration and agile are part of  many current life cycle processes today.  And more and more, often the change from these and other processes comes at a fast pace.

An example of the fast pace today, is that in the past, marketers could wait weeks or months to see how effective their marketing campaigns are. Today, marketers can count clicks in real time. Marketers can look at results right away and respond. Marketers who support these processes, and the writers who communicate about them, must be comfortable with this fast pace.

A fast pace in many ways

Marketers and writers must also often learn new things at a fast pace. As we learn, we can find that a new approach or technology works better than the current approach. Such is the world of digital and social, today, with change coming often and constantly. Here are some areas where marketers and writers could explore to keep pace with today’s practices:

  • mobile analytics
  • web analytics
  • social analytics
  • working with data
  • customer experience
  • mobile web experience

In the article, Skills Every Modern Marketer Needs , the author argues that important skills include knowing:

  • what to test
  • how to break down silos
  • what tools are available
  • how to work with data

This is also good list for writers who support these efforts and provide bridges to help facilitate related processes. Writers should also keep in mind that digital marketing causes marketers to think of the entire customer experience. Writers who support these marketing efforts should also keep in mind this customer experience.

By Jeanette Evans