Difference Between Tech Writing and Other Types of Writing (Webinar Review)

Paul Joseph, CEO of the International Writing Institute, discussed different types of writing at our January 28 free mini-webinar. NEO STC held this free mini-webinar via Gotomeeting. All 150 tickets sold out. The event was open to STC members and non-members.

The goal of the event was for those new or interested in the field of technical writing to find out what distinguishes the discipline of technical writing. Joseph is publisher of a recently revised plain language book Put It In Writing.

The speaker is CEO of the International Writing Institute, LLC which, according to their Linked In site, provides the best in Plain English writing training to the private and public sectors, specifically non-profits, colleges and universities, the Fortune 500, medical institutions, state/federal government, and technical writers and communicators.

“IWI teaches the world to ‘Put It In Writing’ in Plain English. Our mission is crusading for clear, readable English. Our philosophy is that anything worth writing–whether a government report or the great American novel–should be understandable, to every reader! We are pioneers of the Plain English movement that led to the passage of the Plain Writing Act of 2010.”

Signed into law on October 13, 2010 by President Obama, the Plain Writing Act of 2010 (H.R. 946Pub.L. 111–274) is a United States federal law that requires that federal executive agencies use plain writing in every document that the agency issues.

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Reviewed by Jeanette Evans

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