Call for Volunteers: Ideas for people to step into helping in small ways

This picture of a common Merganser with more than 50 ducklings is still astounding.

What is going on? Some birds, including ducks and ostriches, raise their babies in a crèche. In a crèche, females leave their ducklings in the care of one female, usually one that is an experienced parent. According to an article at, the merganser in this picture probably picked up several dozen ducklings that got separated from their mothers. Adult ducks can’t tell which birds are theirs, and lost young birds that have already imprinted on their own mothers will instinctively start following another Common Merganser because she looks like mom.

Our chapter leaders at Ohio STC are awesome and pick up more than their share of the tasks that need to be done to help our chapter thrive. However, it’s better for us to spread out the work. We can use volunteers to help out on a short-term basis. Here are some ways you can step in without getting sucked into a bigger commitment:

  • Help organize a chapter program. This involves locating meeting venues, planning the menu and catering, and coordinating with the speaker. Programming is one of the hardest jobs in the chapter, so spreading out the work helps keep it manageable.
  • Write a newsletter article. Read something interesting? Write a review! Learn a new trick for wrestling with Word? Write a handy hint.

No matter what level you step in at, the Ohio STC chapter leaders will be here to help you out.

We would also be delighted to have people pick up some of the open positions that have a longer term. For open positions, see

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Barb Philbrick (she/her)

385 East Pioneer Trail

Aurora, OH 44202